Kevin O’Donnell

Growing up with parents who were avid renovators and DIYers, Kevin learned that a home is a labour of love from a very early age. His interest in building and home improvement took him to Toronto where he studied custom cabinetry and carpentry at George Brown College. Kevin then developed his expertise in project management and his appreciation for fine craftsmanship working for a custom homebuilder. In 2003, Kevin started Creative Integrity with the goal of creating a company that would merge quality work and excellence in client service. Over the past 17 years, Creative Integrity has been remodeling Toronto homes, making them beautiful, functional and energy efficient.

Notwithstanding his extensive experience, Kevin remains committed to ongoing professional development and has achieved certifications in project management, new house construction competencies, building science, Part 9 Building Code and customer service.

When he is not busy consulting with clients, on a jobsite or participating in professional development, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, pursuing his passions for cooking and music, and keeping active by cycling.

What is a "build" contractor?

At Creative Integrity, building is our bread and butter; it is what we are known for and what we do best. We are a “Build” focused operation. This means that we concentrate on construction, leaving the design component to design professionals. We believe that great design is a truly specialized field and should be left in the hands of our talented and independent design partners. They design it. We deliver it. This teams-style approach is known in the industry as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), and it allows our clients to get the best of both worlds. It also ensures that we are focusing our time and resources on what we do best: planning and constructing beautiful, functional spaces.

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